Guest Artist – Dr. Janice Neal to Perform At Big Dreams


We’re bringing in the GIANTS this year! It can be said that the inspiration for the Big Dreams Concert began with Dr. Janice Neal. Not only has she trained countless artists who work in numerous professional capacities from the stage to the boardroom to the big screen, she is the mother of Dana Rice, the founder/director of the Big Dreams Concert.

Dr. Neal is the epitome of what it means to be an artist who is dedicated to the craft and nobody knows this better than her daughters, Dana Rice and Jessica Neal. Both are active in the arts world, exercising the persistent pursuit of passion and excellence that Dr. Neal instilled in them at early ages. Audience members at this year’s Big Dreams Concert should prepare NOW to be transformed and inspired by Dr. Neal’s electric delivery just as thousands of others have.

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More About Dr. Neal

                  Janice K. Neal, Ph.D., performance artist, educator, consultant, keynote speaker, and freelance writer, grew up memorizing and performing literary genre. A crowd pleaser, she engages audiences on a variety of themes, all impacting human dignity and issuing challenges for individual growth. Such engagement is revealed through her skillful usage of spoken word appeal depicted via motivational oratory and literary performance.

The artist has founded and directed nuSpoken Word Choir Bookmerous spoken word choirs in the United States. Whether directing in school settings, church settings, camp grounds, or other establishments, she concludes that spoken word choir members are literary lovers who want others to benefit from their experiences. As part of a revitalization project and at the request of Habitat for Humanity and approval of the City of Jackson, Mississippi, Neal’s inspirational sidewalk poetry for neighborhood youth is recorded in Midtown (Jackson). Her book, A Little of Me/ A Little of You: Spoken Word Choir, is a collection of her original spoken word poetry that she directed in the Jackson Public School system and community and is funded by Greater Jackson Arts Council. Noted assistant executive director, Jon Salem, “This collection is to be treasured – spiritually uplifting, emotionally arresting, and ultimately healing. The children and adult choirs will rejoice in these wise, rhythmic pieces. An impressive body of work.”

International Arts Group cited Neal as one of ten outstanding artists in 2014. She received the David Brian Williams Memorial Award in Poetry/Spoken Word – National at the 42nd Annual Jackson Music Awards in 2016. Kimberly Ross-Brown, Associate Professor of Bluegrass Technical Community College, cited the educator as one of three most outstanding professors in America within the text, Human Relations.

Janice Neal is available for speaking, performance, and consultation at workshops, conferences, seminars, and performances. For bookings, contact her at

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